The two weeks that have passed since Penelope’s birth have been spent largely in hibernation and it has been so, so good.

When we have ventured out, we’ve been asked over and over what we are calling her.

Honestly? “The Baby” most often. “Penny” still feels weird on my lips, foreign and a stranger. So I try out other titles and handles but nothing has stuck.

The eldest three siblings are comfortable using Penny for her. The next three, not so much.

Lu in particular. . .

Last week a new bouncy seat was delivered (because after a few kids things wear out) and Lucy woke to find the box in the living room.

“What’s this, mama?” She squatted to check it out? “Seat? For new baby? For baby Money?”

I asked her to repeat who it was for because my postpartum brain is sluggish. It took me several times before I understood her.

“Yes,” I giggled, “it’s for baby Penny.”

“Oh! Baby Penny!

Money . . . Penny. . . Same thing when you’re 2. But really I think Money Penny is name we can bank on.