Today we saw this gorgeous face.


She probably says it to every one of her patients, but the midwife gasped and fawned and gushed again and again. “Just look at that face!” “THAT is a beautiful baby!” “Oh my goodness, this baby is just darling!” I pretended that it really IS that spectacularly stunning.

The fact that we can see it’s face and waving fingers and dancing body is spectacular, no? That God is such a mad scientist to make something so tiny so very perfect.

Watching the screen, I cried – of course – and laughed. We’re having a baby!

Upon arriving home I NEARLY cried again when I saw that Bridget – who stayed with the kids all 5 hours we were gone – had folded my laundry, cleaned the disaster of a laundry room, picked up the downstairs and braved the toy closet. It was ALMOST as good as seeing the babe. Almost.

P.S. The midwife offered to tell us the baby’s gender but we declined. She did smile, though, while listening to the heart, claiming that if wive’s tales are true the heart rate indicates a girl. We shall see!

P.P.S. Thanks again Bridge. You’re amazing.