“Can I get you something from Walgreen’s?” he texted, because he’s always thoughtful and considerate like that.

“Sure. . . ” I replied.

He sent a ridiculous picture with the caption, “Creepy skull mask?” 

Thank you, Jesus, for Ellie not having any Halloween induced anxieties this year. Not yet, anyway.

“Some sorbet? Or The Tonight Dough Ben and Jerry’s?” I suggested.

He sent pics of the inventory and it was less than impressive.

“Surprise me.” I said.

He brought home Half Baked and I said thanks but questioned if he knows me AT ALL. Chocolate? And “gobs” of it? Was he serious?

Turns out, Septimus said, “Heck yes, chocolate, please and thank you!”

I was very surprised, I assure you. And thankful for a husband who knows me better than I know myself.

Meanwhile, this pic makes me all sorts of homesick for California. Holstein cow? ‘Gobs’- Aunt Linda says gobs. And the Half Baked reference, obviously. Let me just eat my feelings, I’ll be okay.