It’s a Monday morning, before 8 am, and I am up. And on the computer.  The girls are already fighting (I think they picked up where they fell asleep last night) and how does one handle 6-year-old attitude? There is laundry – ever so much laundry! – and fruit flies and so many photos and events to catch up on here but the most pressing thought at the moment is this:

C’mon, Kate!

As in Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

I call her Kate, don’t you?

Anyway, even being in and out of cell service for weeks, I have been annoyed with the constant media feed about her NOT being in labor.  Everyone forgot that Kim Kardashian with her baby bearing hips didn’t hack a full 40 weeks.  The tabloids screamed “They share a due date!” but didn’t know/take into consideration/care that that doesn’t mean ANYTHING and the early birth of one famous baby did not foretell the same for the other.

How are we to know the REAL due date of the royal?  Maybe Kate and Wills wisely kept things under wraps? Also, shout out to another scrawny chick who bakes her babies up good and long while people doubt.  Knuckles!

Back to the point: Not one single pregnant mother is in the mood for labor conjecture at 40 weeks or at any time before that.  You may APPEAR to be all optimism and hopefulness on the outside, but you are fully aware that your life and body have and will continue to spin wildly out of your control and there is nothing you can do but have another nap and hope for the best.  “You look ready to pop!” “You look miserable!” “When’s that baby coming anyway?!” and, my very, very fave, “You haven’t had that baby yet?!?!!” are not welcomed.

Then you put it on a city, country, world scale and, well, that just sucks.

I’ve prayed for Kate all week.  I’m sure she’s cried.  And my pregnant self roots for her pregnant self that this long awaited event for her and her husband is exactly what they hoped it would be.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to photos and such around here. But as I wait for that, I’ll be praying for a mama (who just happens to be famous) who’s having a baby.

A toast! To the Duchess!