First, we have a scosh of Irish in us (and by “us” I mean my side of the gene pool) so we can deliberately and authentically recognize this day.  Second, being Catholic and all, we can really kick it up a notch.  So, without further ado, St. Patrick’s feast from our house . . .


We began the day with scones and much to my shock and dismay, Philip enthusiastically wolfed them down without whining or complaining once.  A St. Patrick’s day miracle.



After some chores (and much screaming and yelling – not from me) it was on to Kid School.  Mama Syd introduced the kiddos to “hot pictures” – crayon drawings on a hot plate.  Check out Max’s bishop miter above.


I worked on shamrocks with hearts . . . lots of glue.


And then we painted.  Thaaaat’s right, the boys are painting in the above photo.  In the canister is a piece of paper, paint, a pom-pom, penny and marble.


This is one of the finsihed results.


In the afternoon, we had some friends pay us a visit and Mama Syd got to work on some corned beef and making some Guinness bread.


Then, before supper, she gave us all a lesson on how to pour Guinness.  Apparently our beer glasses aren’t big enough to handle a proper pour.  At any rate, we had a delicious supper and fine company with Susan and Mama Syd at our table.  And experienced the second St. Patrick day miracle with Philip eating loads of corned beef.


The Guinness bread – a Christmas gift from my pal Trisha – was a HUGE hit.  The kids asked for seconds . . . and thirds.  In fact, it was all Tess ate for supper – “bled” and blueberries.


Oh, and Jell-o.  Lots and lots of green Jell-o.  Hopefully her system survives it!

My favorite part of the evening was the entertainment.