Today marked the solemnity of St. Joseph.

In other words, we could break our Lenten fasts, remember the earthly father of Our Lord as the patron of workers and fathers, and praise Jacques for being the same.  As a result, all kinds of excitement transpired.

First, Jac took the boys out to pick up some delicious donuts from Jerry’s which we then all enjoyed together.  Afterwards, Mama Syd and Jac took Max and Philip to Earl’s barber shop for some trims.  Then Jac and Max came home to work on Philip’s lightsaber.

That’s right.  His lightsaber.

Because Jac is a good and loving father, he has totally encouraged Max’s (and now Philip’s) preoccupation with Star Wars.  He “happened” upon some plans on the internet for fashioning authentic looking light sabers and Max became obsessed.  Jac dremelled and sanded at the table well into the night on Tuesday trying to get Max’s together.  He’s made several trips back and forth to the hardware store resulting in two very cool light saber handles. 

“Two down, one to go.” Jac announced when he had finished Philip’s.  I’m still not sure if the third one will be for Tess or for him. . .

During naptime, the boys were loathe to part with their sabers.  And as soon as they were up and free, they were sent outside for being loud and unruly.  After blowing off some steam we made a list of things we love best about Jac as a father.

I love (among other things) that he gives the kids baths, that he gets up with them in the morning so I can sleep and that he wants the best for his family, even when it’s hard.

Mama Syd loves that he plays with his kids.

Tess loves that he “kickles” her.

Philip loves that he plays baseball with him.

And my favorite:

Max loves “that he always gets us lots of money so we can get things.”


For loving us, taking care of us, working for us – we love you, Jac.  Especially when you do cool stuff like sweet light sabers.

St. Joseph, pray for us!