The wind is howling tonight.  It is persistent in coming in all the cracks and crevices, chilling us around and about and through.  Things are scratching and banging and clanging without and we are shivering within.

And really?  It SEEMS colder and nastier than it really is because this weekend was beautiful.  Sure, it was brittle and dusty and browner than brown while all the California folk posted glorious announcements about almond blossom’s beauty/smell/awesomeness.  But it was shirt sleeve warm! (50 degrees!  What!) The kids rode their bikes! They stayed out until the sun had set and then begged (and maybe cried . . . ) to go out again.

I think they knew this nasty stuff was coming.

Anyway, it’s March.  Easter is less than a month away.  I saw – with my own eyes! – buds on the lilac bush and drank in the fragrance of the daffodils the Wittes so generously gave us. Birds are out and rejoicing with us because there is hope.  HOPE!

I can bear the lion in this March as long as there is hope.