I don’t remember what Max was asking me about yesterday, but my answer was “Because that’s how God designed them.” (By the way, this is not a pansy or flipant answer.  We only use it when totally warranted.  “Why do birds have 2 wings?” “Why are sunsets sometimes pink and sometimes purple?” etc.)  “Oh.” Max responded. Then a few moments later.  “Mom does God have a computer on His desk?”  I was stumped.  “Um.  What do you think?”  “I think yes.  So He can design stuff.  Like people and trees and water and things.”  I succeded in not giggling – obviously design requires a computer.  Max does not know what exactly Jac does but he does know that it involves designing and a computer is necessary for all parts of Dads job.  Ergo design calls for a computer.  God designed a number with that kid, I tell you what.