The last two weeks have been pure madness around here.  With my sickness and the senior photos and cub scouts and birthday celebrations. . .

It’s been crazy.

Laundry has piled up, school has gone untaught and rest has been hard to come by.

So, when we woke up to drifts of snow and it still falling fast and furious outside our window, we rejoiced.  The Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts?  CANCELLED!!!!  The herculean task of normal Sunday morning Mass preparation seemed utterly doable and suddenly so very simple.  Dread was turned to joy and with light hearts we bathed and bundled and braved the roads.  Mass felt extra special with such a small crowd and when it was over it seemed only right to continue the celebration.  We invited friends from near and far for breakfast and Chrisa, Julie, Jaaron, Megan and Susan trooped over for chorizo and fresh tortillas.

It was great.  Something we’ve wanted to do for ever but on sunny or rainy or cloudy days it just seems too loud to dare try it.  There are place to go and things to accomplish.

But the snow? The snow quieted EVERYTHING and let us hear what we needed to hear.

The rest of the day was spent around the table visiting with Chrisa and Julie.  The kiddos had naps, Jac curled up with the lap top and the snow fell and fell and fell.  It was just what we needed.

By Monday, the sidewalks were melting and the sun peeked out but we had stored up the blessing of the snow day deep in our hearts. There is nothing quite like it.  Maybe we’re not ready for spring after all.