We have been working on fairy tales and reading comprehension lately.  I wanted to include you in that fun, so below is an original, inspired fairy tale followed by some questions.  Read through the story and see if you can answer the questions correctly.


Once upon a time, there lived 2 sisters in a little house on a hill.  The sisters were beautiful and mostly sweet and their mother, who lived with them, loved them both dearly.

One day, an evil spell came over the house.  The sisters suddenly were incapable of kindness towards each other.

“That’s mine!” the eldest screeched as the younger sister touched her chair.

The younger sister wailed when the older girl looked at her book.

The constant screaming and tears began to shake the walls of the tiny house and tear at the mother’s mind.

“She won’t be nice to me!” the older sister complained while her sister howled on the floor.  The mother, needing just a moment’s peace, pleaded with them to find something to play with separately.  Though they were under the evil spell, the girls obeyed.

While the little sister went in search of her brothers, the older sister found a chest of wonderful clothes.  Capes, tutus, belts and gowns came spilling out of the chest as she dug deeper and deeper.  She was nearly all the way in the chest herself when her hand touched something wonderful.

A magic wand!

Excitedly, the sister inspected the wand.  It was vaguely familiar to her, but she could not remember how it worked.  Suddenly, it spoke!

“Let’s catch some stars! Ayudeme! Vamos arribe!”

The girl was thrilled with her discovery and continued to play with the wand. However, the wand was very loud.  So loud that her sister heard it while she was upstairs and came to investigate.

Still under the spell, the older sister said unkindly, “No, no! This isn’t for you!”

But the younger sister insisted it was indeed for her and demanded she have it.  The girls bickered and quarreled back and forth, while the wand yelled and commanded in a deafening voice.

The racket got to such a level that the girl’s brothers complained.

“Mother! Make them be quiet!”

But the mother was powerless against the evil spell.  Physically, she separated the girls and sent them to the kitchen to clear and set the table while she tended the laundry.

It was not 3 minutes later that the mother heard the clamoring of the wand and the squalling of the sisters.  Determined, for she had had enough, the mother marched up the stairs of the tiny house.  She found the girls locked in an unhappy tangle with the wand clasped by both sisters and their eldest brother helplessly caught in between.

“That’s it!” the mother yelled.  Taking the wand in her own hands, she pulled it loose, gave each of her daughters a smack with it, sent them to their rooms and threw the wand out the door and down the hill where it came to rest near the road.

As soon as the wand left the house, the evil spell was broken and the girls returned to being beautiful and mostly sweet though they had to stay in their rooms until supper.

The End.


In the story the two girls are described by three words.  What are they?

On the day of the story what has happened to the little house?

Who is the villain in this story: the wand, the sisters or the mother?

Who is the hero of this story?

What three words would you use to describe the mother?

If you found a magic wand, what would you do with it?

*You can ask Max if this story is true.  Then you can take him for some counseling.