As a part of the homeschooling experience this year, we’ve opted to take part in “Co-op.”  Basically, it’s a group of Catholic homeschooling parents that organize things together.  And if you want, you can take part in the Friday “school day.”  We meet from 8:30 (not goona lie – we never get there before 8:45) until 12:00 and the “big kids” go until 1:00.  Honestly, I didn’t understand that Friday was something you could opt out of and it seemed the best way to convince people our kids were being “socialized” (as oppposed to being left outside in a cage and us just throwing scraps at them.  I digress . . . ).

Anywho, in a comical chain of events, this “newbie” was placed in charge of the preschool class. Again, God is so good . . . I thought me grwoing up with my mom teaching preschool and doing daycare was so that I would be prepared for my own kids.  Ha!  The mad scientist upstairs was really prepping me for this year at co-op. 

It’s been rough.  I whine a lot on Thursday nights.  And I get pretty surly on Friday mornings.  THIS family is glad there are only 6 Fridays left.

This is what this last Friday looked like.


I gave them each a roll of toilet paper (a trick from my mom) and let them go hog wild while a NASA scientist presented a slide show to the big kids in the other end of the hall.  Philip was more interested in the space presentation and quickly gave his roll to one of the screaming banshees and then we got in trouble for being too loud.  It was awesome.

Later, we covered the toilet paper tubes in a mixture of peanut butter and fat and then decorated them with yummy goodness (seeds, raisins, pecans) for the birds.  Or, in our case, squirrels.  our squirrel friend likes to tear the roll off the tree and clean it like a corn cob.  He’s efficient, that’s what.

I was exhausted when we got home Friday.  Can’t wait for the last Fridays to come and go!