There is, at the moment, a whole lot of sister love around this place.

It’s pretty intense.


It’s of the “I-love-my-sister-so-much-I-can’t-help-but-pull-a-chair-up-to-her-cradle-so-I-can-smooch-her” variety. ‘Seeing‘ the baby isn’t enough because when that is what they ask for, they really mean they want to touch her, to breathe her in, to be face to face literally


The current soundtrack these days sounds something like this:

“Can I hold the baby? Can I hold the baby? CanIholdthebaby? CanIholdthebaby? Mom! Mom! MomMomMomMom. NOW can I hold the baby?”

Aaaaaaaand repeat.

But I’ll take that over a fight any day.