For months now, Philip has been speaking of Show and Tell as if it were a place to visit.  It all started with Max taking things to Show and Tell in pre-school.  Soon after, Philip began packing up his back pack and requesting a trip to Show and Tell.  We got into  some knock down, drag out fights resulting in tears for Philip and near tears for myself.  “Mama Syd will take me!” he would wail, laying despondant on the floor.

Then this weekend, we began to talk about our upcoming trip to Denver and the things we would do.  In the midst of the excitement, Philip’s tiny voice came through the chatter saying “Can we go to Show and Tell that has a big pool and a hot one?”  We all stopped, stunned and amazed.  “Oh!!!” we all exclaimed.  “That’s what you meant!   A HOTEL!!!!”  Mystery solved.