We know our kids love to read and enjoy the printed page.  It is so much a part of our daily lives we can fail to notice it so I appreciate the opportunities where I can see it afresh.  Our second Sunday in California found us enjoying supper at the home one of Papa Chris’s co-workers.  The Hidalgo’s home was comfortable and kid-friendly with pets and toys and a slide.  When it came time to round up the troops for chow we found the four eldest each with stacks of books and draped over or curled up on the furniture and floor.  They were silent and wholly engrossed.

That’s how it is most anyplace that has reading material – whatever it may be.  Newspapers, pamphlets, instructions, books – it doesn’t matter.

For Ellie, the material du jour is magazines.  During naps she pours over Real Simple.  She prefers enjoying Family Fun in the rocking chair by the big window.  At the ultrasound waiting room, it was Sunset and Food&Wine.  It’s so darn cute.

And inspiring in that it seems every publication as of late has very enticing pictures of multi-scoop ice cream cones.  Numerous times she has shown me a glossy page with impossibly stacked scoops and asked, “Someday?  Someday can I get some ice cream like this?  Tall like this?”

It was such a simple request and seemed to hold the weight of her world in it.  I would assure her each time that yes, someday.

That day arrived this week.  I picked up a few flavors to add to our collection (it’s a problem) and the boys picked out cones. Without any prompting or warning, I began to scoop.  Then I asked what flavor she’d like next.  And next.

She had a triple-decker.

It was beautiful.

Good enough to put in print.