We’re resting because we’ve become well acquainted with 2 am.  And 3 and 4am, though 4 is slowly becoming my bff as it usually heralds Lulu’s surrender to sleep.


We’re cleaning. And rocking babies, and helping babies go “potty bad,” and cooking. In short, doing all sorts of things that mama does.  It keeps her out of trouble mostly.


We’re planning.  Christmas is 15 days away and there are cookies to bake and gingerbread houses to make and all the other things to do to get ready.  “Pick out a cookie or two you’d like to bake,” turned into 4 or 5 each.  That’s a lot of butter. And patience.



We’re reading.  Always with the reading.  The Christmas Carol with Jac, Advent books and Christmas collections with me, Junie B. out loud from Tess and Scriptures – the real deal – from Ellie.  Remember this: Ellie began to read the Advent she was four.


We’re also praying.  For friends who are meeting oncologists and starting treatments.  For mamas expecting babies.  For hearts ready for Christ’s coming. For the strength to handle another day because in the space of 10 minutes tonight, Lucy had poo up her back, a half gallon of iced tea leaked out of the fridge and all over the kitchen and Gemma peed on the carpet.  All while Jac was gone. It seems like that’s how it is every day.  So we’re praying for sure.