Family lore is rife with stories of odd lullabies. Aunt Cristie fell asleep to Black Watch bagpipes. Me? Well my tune of choice was ‘Appalachian Spring’ by Aaron Copeland. With these such legends, I tried hard to encourage a ‘song’ with our kids. Gregorian Chant was a no-go for Max and Philip was not overly impressed with the Newsboys. I had given up by the time the girls came around.

Then, quite by accident, it finally happened.

When Gemma was 10 days old, we headed to Mass. Our little love who doesn’t cry, is not so much a fan of the car seat and chose to make it known. While we all cooed and soothed from behind our seat belts, Jac cued up a song on the iPhone. Within seconds, Gemma quieted and very quickly fell asleep. While we thought it was a fluke or a result of the movement of the van, a repeat performance proved we had found a match.

Turns out, Gemma is a huge Adele fan. Every time we put on THE song, she relaxes immediately and sleep soon follows. If she is not deeply asleep and the tune changes, she wakes up as if she is fully aware we’ve changed her jam.

We’ve listened to ‘Rolling in the Deep’ a fair amount, as of late. Ellie and Tess love to dance to it and both have been heard belting it out while they play or bathe or eat – without the music playing. One morning this week as I rocked out with the babe, Philip was chatting me up when he stopped abruptly. “Hey! She’s dancing ! And she was. Her little legs kicked in time. By the end of the song, she was asleep. It’s nigh on magical.

We have heard Gemma’s song multiple times every day so it’s a good thing we like it. See if you do, too.