Jac is away, living the high life in New York.  To be fair, he’s staying at a seminary in Long Island, but still.

He left yesterday afternoon, before the storm hit us.  Thank goodness, too, because he’s afraid of flying.  Anyway, th ekids were borderline angry with him for not taking them, too.  We’ve been talking about this trip for a month now, but it’s as if it didn’t sink in until we were at the airport.  “He’s really going to New YOrk CITY? Where the Yankees play?”  Their pouting and tears were out of fatigue and frustration.  Mine were because I don’t function well without him around.  Sure, I put on a brave face and can act the part for a good 36 hours, but then things begin to unravel.  LIfe just isn’t the same without Jac around!

This morning he is making his presentation to the board of directors (as I type, actually) and then he’s not sure.  He will meet with the Father from Brooklyn at some point and hopefully get to see more of the Big Apple. 

Then late Friday night he comes home.  Pray for his safety – and my sanity!