Today is February first. I mention it in case you didn’t know.  Public service and all that. Anyway . . .  What better time to list my New Year’s Resolutions?

What?  Yes, they’re late, but that’s how I roll.  And that brings me to THE LIST:

– Work on being on time.  To Mass.  To morning with my kids.  To bed with my husband.  Right.

– Read a book a month.  This is important.  I read ten gazillion books a day but they usually have rhyming schemes a la “Red” and “Bed” or “Fox” and “Box.”  Not exactly stimulating ifyouknowwhatImean.  Plus, I’m really good at starting things, just not so good at finishing them.  Lots and lots of books lie about that have been read most of the way. Not anymore! I say.  Plus, I hope to share them here with you ’cause I’m like that.  So, with that in mind, January’s read was an audio book and due to it’s mature themes, I cannot recommend it. Jac picked it out after hearing Glen Beck talk about the author.  Oh, okay, it was Assassin by Ted Bell.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– Complete the Ignatian  Spiritual Exercises.  Again, this has already begun but I have only made one meeting out of many.  Not a good start.  But it’s a nine month trek so . . . Next up – a general confession.  Sounds like fun!

– Did someone say something about nine months?  Start thinking about a baby goes on the list.  Warm up to it now, Chris Reyes, and get used to the thought.

– Complete a half-marathon.  Once you’re done laughing, re-read that first sentence.  Complete is all I said.  Nothing about running, you see.  Tricky, tricky! Chrisa is getting married and a bachelorette run is in the works.  Should be fun, right?  RIGHT?!?!

Cook every recipe in The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  It was a Christmas gift from Jac and we’ve already made 3 of the recipes.  I want to do the entire book though like in Julie and Julie.  But I’m calling it “Me and Ree.” I am in my head, anyway.  I’ll keep you posted.

– Take time for my family everyday.  I wish this wasn’t so nebulous or touchy feel-y, but I want to say “yes” more to requests for card games or nail polish or books to read.  This is the time to do it, right?

– Take better pictures.  But maybe this should be “Learn how to use Jac’s camera without feeling like an idiot.” I don’t know. You get the point.

– Blog on a regular basis.

And now to get to sleep.  It’s not really on time, but tomorrow is another day and I have a lot to accomplish. You?