2018 is the year Jac found his shoe size.

If you are shocked and appalled, join the club.  No one’s surprise could have been greater than Jac’s. He bought me some Birkenstock’s for my birthday (because he’s great like that) and proceded to measure his own foot on the measuring chart included on the box.

“Wait, what?” He repositioned his heel.  Out came a ruler then a tape measure.  I was asked to verify what he was seeing.

It was true – his foot was a 7.5 , not a 9, 9.5 or even 10 as all of the shoes he owned were.

Two whole sizes smaller.

“Well, this explains a lot.” He muttered.

He has a theory that at some point he got mixed up with his feet being 9.5″ long and just assuming he was a size 9.5. I have other thoughts.  However, the fact is that when he began to wear the right size shoes, life was better!

We ordered a pair of Birkenstocks for him for Father’s Day.  When he put them on, he bent his knees repeatedly and wiggled his toes.

“Is this what shoes that fit feel like?!” He whooped and jumped about.

It’s not easy to find size 7.5 shoes for men.  But it’s been worth it.  And here at the beginning of the year, I can’t help but hope this next year holds the same sorts of discoveries. May we remember that changes require a change of mindset and that even if things are hard, they’re usually worth it.

Plus, buying new shoes is always a good idea.  You can quote me on that.