Someone (it really is a matter of serious debate) left a lid unscrewed on a nail polish bottle and the whole bottle spilled over the other nail polish and through the basket. That’s why I have a rather unfortunate brown color of nail polish smeared on my nails (and on the bathroom vanity). Of course the nail polish remover is MIA.

Penny is teething. This makes for a cranky babe, sleepy parents, and frightening diapers. Every single onesie she owns is currently being stain treated. Really, if the diaper she is wearing doesn’t hold, she will be a naked, teething baby.

The girls got out their new paint set, the one with acrylics. They made beautiful pictures with the abundant paint they poured into multiple palettes. Then Lucy found it. So Ellie poured the paint into (and down the sides) of the trashcan. It dripped on the ground and she stepped in it. This is to be expected, really it is. But then she tracked the paint over the floor and onto Penny’s new quilt. All FIVE girls and I have blue paint somewhere on our bodies and Lu is sporting some around her mouth.

No one napped. Well, Jac and Penny got 40 winks in, upright in his office chair. Lucy and Gemma, though, who are volatile without being sleep deprived, I am frankly terrified of. So let’s take them to scouts and keep them up late!

All this is to say, if you see me weeping into a margarita later, you’ll know why.