On Saturday we checked off ‘Have breakfast at Mt. Rushmore’ and ‘Become Rushmore Jr. rangers.’ Yes, we ended Sturgis Rally week with a trip to The Faces. You know, because we didn’t learn our lesson last week.

Anyway, the day was perfect weather-wise and though we were 5 minutes too late for breakfast, we enjoyed our over priced lunch and set out to become rangers. Oh, the humanity! No, really. The humanity that pressed in around – so many people from so many places. We were glad to have Susan with us to share in the fun and lend a helping hand.

When we got home, we had three newly minted rangers in our midsts, a new pocket knife, 2 gold coins, silly bands and a pressed penny as souvenirs. Then we took a nap until 6, every single one of us, because becoming rangers is hard work. I mean it.

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