I woke up this morning with an odd feeling in my hip.  As if I had been sleeping on a pea.  Alas, I’m not a princess and the lump that was attached to my hip was a Corn Pop.

How did it get there?  The bed was made, there had been no snacking, my jammies were clean. . . it’s a mystery.  But I couldn’t help wonder what it meant.

What sort of omen could this be?  Could it be that today was going to be odd and slightly uncomfortable?  So far, so good . . .

Or would it be more, ahem, ominous than that?  Like when I let a black cat jog in front of the van while Mama Syd was here.  I’m not superstitious, but after the last few months, I had to hold my breath a little.  And I wondered more than a little what was up when, in the wind storms of the last few days, I opened the van door and the wind snapped the hinge clean in half.


Back to today . . .

What does it mean that my husband and I are on opposite sides of one of the ballot issues?  Imminent destruction? Just askin’.

And lastly, what does it mean that this morning, as our 5-year-old spied his father giving me a kiss he muttered, “Gross!” Jac says it’s a good thing for him to feel that way, I say he’s only 5! Again, Jac and I are opposed in mind. Gah!

I blame it all on the Corn Pop, whatever that means.