Raise your hand if you’ve hauled 5 pumpkins, 7 mini pumpkins, 1 Turks Turban gourde and 8 ears of Indian Corn cross country.

What? It’s just me?

Well, this is awkward. . .

Fact is, when Cindy said we could bring pumpkins home for the kids, I jumped at the chance.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t think we’d actually do it, but that’s the kind of crazy we are.  Aaaand, Grandma and Grandpa had grown some monster pumpkins for the kids but they were attacked by vicious deer.  The pumpkins were attacked, that is.  So free pumpkins? Well, if we had to haul them through 5 states, then so be it.

It has become tradition that we carve pumpkins after Seton’s Greet and Treat. We invite Susan – because carving pumpkins is her most favorite thing EVER – and a priest or two and whoever else is up for some fun and snacks.  This year, thanks to lollygagging kids and an under-the-weather mom, we arrived too late for the festivities at the school.  The entire night threatened to unravel when the kids realized they were not going to haul in candy.

“I just can’t wait 5 days!” Philip wailed.

Some pizza and some cider (also hauled from CA) rectified everything and soon we were back on track.

This year’s guests included Sabine, Susan, Fr. Castor and Bridget.  Thankfully, the boys are now old enough to be independent carvers and the girls had plenty of help.  Sabine took on Gemma and her pumpkin while Fr. Castor and Ellie teamed up.  Someone cut the top off for Tess and I gave a little assistance in cleaning out the inside.  The rest of the night went down like this:

– Gemma wanted to eat the inside of her pumpkin and found the entire experience rather novel though not particularly attention grabbing.

– Ellie insisted on cutting things by herself which Father was very patient (albeit nervous, naturally) with.  In the end, he let her stab and hack to her hearts content on the pieces they removed from the pumpkin.

– The cider from Cover’s Apple Ranch was delish though, it must be admitted – greatly improved with a slosh of Goldshlager.  Warm all the way down, I tell you!

– Max wanted to make his gross and horrifying to “Really freak Satan out!”  Done.

– Philip methodically carved his first solo pupmpkin without once complaining.  Serious achievement, friends.

– I offered to draw/carve for Tess but when she announced she wanted a horse face, well, I stepped down.  Sabine took over and did a wonderful job, adding two horseshoes for Tess to cut out.  A very nice touch.

– Jac was given the task of the surviving super pumpkin from Grandma and Grandpa.  It was 60 pounds  of glory and it took a good deal of deliberation and research before a design was decided on.  Then out came the power tools and before I knew it, pumpkin was flying in people’s hair and eyes and all over the living room floor.  I do think the finished product was worth it.

The pumpkins have hung in there valiantly and we will be a little sad to toss them out.  We’re thankful for the seeds we collected, though – enough for 3 separate batches and some of my best ifIdosaysomyself. (Cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds?  TASE-TEE!)

Many thanks to Cindy and Grandma and Grandpa (the giant pumpkin was a big hit with the few trick or treater’s we saw tonight.  It really is breath taking!) and our many helpers.  Next year, same time, same place!


*Tonight was one of the better All Hallows’ Eves we’ve had.  Great weather, plenty of candy, minimal scare.  The best moment came towards the end from Philip.  “I know the only thing Halloween’s good for: Invitation to nightmares and getting sugar drunk.”  Spoken from a serious Roman soldier, it was pure gold. Onwards towards All Saints!