Papa Chris taught a lesson in Physics this evening.  For whatever reason, he had a pulley system in his truck; the randomness of it all is astounding and awesome, right?  I love that about my parents.  Anyway, while reading a book on machines last night, he and Max came across lift and leverage and the pulley came up.  Sometime today it was decided that Max and Papa would rig the pulley to pull Jac across the floor. 

“You’ll see!  You’ll be able to pull 120 pounds all by yourself!” Papa Chris enthused to Max.

Jac laughed. “You might want to check your math on that . . . ”

So after supper, with Tess on his lap, Jac was pulled down the hall by his eldest.  After that, it was everyman for himself because everyone wanted a turn.  Gooood times.

As I watched them, little Ellie (don’t hold me to that name OR spelling.  We’re in trial mode around here . . . ) asleep in my arms, I thought of the own pulls in my life.  How I want to hold the new babe non-stop and drink in her loveliness  but the other three still demand routine and attention that requires me, too.  How I know I need sleep but feel obliged to do laundry or clean or do anything useful.  How in truth, all I would like to do is sleep rather than shower or eat or talk. 

This is where the ones I love step in. They take over when I can’t – doing the laundry, watching the kids, holding the babe and being my ropes so I can pull what is important with just a little effort.   Thankfully, each time I give it a try, it gets easier and I feel less tension.  God is good like that.