Sometimes, pride is a good thing.

Like today, for instance.  Today Ellie’s god-father graduated from the US Air Force Academy.  It’s a pretty big deal.

HE’S a pretty big deal.

Once upon a time, I wasn’t so sure.  God love ya, Michael, but there were moments when he was on our Core team as a Senior that I questioned if he would make it out of high school. 

He did.  As Valedictorian.

This was amazing to me as it appeared that he slept through most of life.  I – and his mother – worried if he’d ever wake up and join the rest of us or if he’d take a back seat.

I’m sorry for questioning.

Jac and I had the privilege of spending a weekend with Michael six months into his first year at the Academy.  We hadn’t seen him since he left home and when we bumped into him and the rest of the cadets at a conference, I literally did not recognize him.  He had grown physically in actual inches and, it was clear, into a man.  Spiritually, he was awakened and we were impressed.

Four years later, we can’t help but be proud.  THIS young man was just sworn in as an officer in the US Air Force.  THIS young man just graduated from one of the most rigorous schools in the nation.  THIS young man will enter the seminary in the Fall and – God willing – THIS young man will serve as an Air Force chaplain and someday, a priest for our diocese.  THIS young man is a part of our family.

We couldn’t be prouder.


Congratulations, Michael.