Tess has decided it is time to be potty trained.  Never mind the fact that I’ve been trying since late September.  That Mama Syd bought her a pink potty just for Tess.  That we’ve tried -nearly – every trick in the book to induce her to action.  No.  Never mind because we leave for CA in less than a week and this is the time to do it!  With a two day long road trip on the horizon!  Lord, have mercy.

Yesterday morning she spent the morning yelling she had to go potty or actually sitting on the toilet.  I wouldn’t have been so perturbed if she had just used her potty by herself.  But in the decision making process of her mind, the choice to potty train came with the decision that she will only use the big toilet.  Which means I hear a lot of frantic “Mommy!  Help you me!!!”  Most of the time I believe it’s only for affect – watch Mama run!  Watch Dad come!  Good times.

So while we did have some success yesterday, it was not without trial.  Poop smeared on the toilet.  A whole bag of wipes deposited in the toilet (Jac, amazing that he is, fished them out with his bare hands.  Thankfully it was completely removed from the poop incident.)  An accident while wrestling.  Is it possible she’s really doing this on her own?  I hope it’s quick, my patience is waning.  Maybe we’ll just wait until Cindy and Mama Syd can handle it in CA.