The drawing bug has bit hard at our house.  Tess is a little Bob Ross, narating the whole time she carefully draws things out.  Max is mad about drawing robots.  And missiles.  And tanks. And trucks.  And Philip went from diligently writing “his letter” right side up and upside down and side ways all over everything to this:




It’s a self portrait of him as a knight with a sword and a helmet (it’s yellow and hard to see).  He’s been doing several variations on the same thing over and over always followed by “Mom!  You want to see me?”  

I think it helps that we moved his little easel from their room where it was only defiled by Tess to the dining room where it is in now constant use.  We write our list of chores on it in the morning that they can check off as they complete them; we pratice Max’s spelling with magnetic letters; Tess is constantly asking “I clean it now?  Okay?”  And Philip practices his form again and and again.  I guess it’s true.  Location, location, location.