Plus One is not an invitation extension.

Plus One is not how we are referring to our family these days – though I like the sound of Daniel, party of five, plus one.

Plus One is not a new math concept I am teaching Max.

No, my friends, Plus One was the outside temp when the kids and I left for a lunch date yesterday.

It was up 10 degrees from the day before.



But that hasn’t kept us from being extremely busy INSIDE for the last few days.  In fact, we even brought some of the snow that came with the cold inside to enjoy from the confort of the living room.


At first, gloves were used.


Then things got crazy.  It was reminiscent of Lucy and Ethel in the grapes- really, it was.


The aftermath.

Yesterday we read “The Big Snow.”  It’s a favorite around here – lots of pictures of woodland animals.  It’s about them being hungry in the snow and the nice old couple who feeds them.  In response to our own cold and hungry animals, we made a Family Fun recipe for bird biscuits.


Measuring, mixing, stirring . . .


(By the way, they didn’t turn out so great.  Not sure where we went wrong . . . )

Last night Jac and I hit the movies and froze our tails off in a theater with no heat.  Not even kidding around. But it made for some cozy times!

This morning the kids were busy, busy.


There were windows to paint.  We just washed them, so why not?


It was pretty bright.  Max couldn’t see and Philip kept sneezing.  The cost of great art!!

Then there was scissor use to master, beads to string, sisters to chase.


So much to do – can’t you feel Philip’s weariness?

(And yes, that is a bike behind him.  Jac is vowing to make it stationary again and get to riding.  I’ll let you know how that progresses)

Tonight was capped off with more couchnastics – fabulous pics to come later! – hot cocoa and popcorn.  Tomorrow is supposed to be crappy weather again with a “warming trend” arriving Friday.  Thank you, Jesus!