Where has the time gone?  Was it really 4 years ago that we rejoiced at the arrival of a second son?  Time flies when you’re having fun (or having babies, one on top of the other).

Anywho, today we did it up big.  The day began at 6:30 when Tess woke up rather freaked out at the decorations that we had stealthily placed in their bedroom while they slept.  This snowballed into, “Philip!  It’s your birthday!!” and then everyone was awake. 


I was most impressed with the kid’s sense of what needed to happen today.  Birthdays were such a big deal for me growing up, I wanted to pass that on to our children.  Today it was clear we had because we heard a lot (read= too many) of reminders about what needed to come next.  And little things that were insignificant at the time, have taken on a new importance.  The “Extravaganza” that took place last year was a last minute effort to make the most of a birthday for Philip when everyone was sick and we had given up TV for Lent.  A movie seemed like a perfect solution.  Add twinkle lights, some decorations, tickets and popcorn and viola!  Extravaganza!!  Now, this is a Daniel family birthday expectation.  I’m glad we’ve got tradition.

And oh so very glad we’ve got Philip.  Happy 4th, big guy.  We love you.