I became slightly overwhelmed yesterday.  Things had started to add up and multiply.  Like this:

– We have always said we would like 6 kiddos.  Well, that’s the answer we give when people say really kind things like, “How many are you going to have, anyway?” So we say 6, followed by “But we’ll take as many as God gives us!”  That means, at the moment at least 4 but could be more than 6.  Follow?

– Birthdays are important.  Really, really important and in my mind worthy of several days of celebrations.  Sometimes, to accommodate schedules, we need to party with Grandma and Grandpa and the Cousins off of the actual day.  Then there is the real birthday and resulting EXTRAVAGANZA! and the separate yet equal “kid party.”  So that’s 3 celebrations.

– We mustn’t forget Feast Days for everyone. . .

It ends up looking like this: 6 kids x 3 parties + 6 feasts = 24 parties.


I haven’t even included Jac and I in that equation or general Feasts like Christmas, Easter, All Saints or other celebrations like First Holy Communion. . .

Math has always made me a little nervous but this resulted in straight up hyperventilating.  Not pretty.

You know what is pretty, though? This blog and all of the parties it covers.  Spending some time there makes me want 12 kids with a birthday every month so we can do it up right.

Speaking of doing it up right, that’s what we did for Philip.  Shindig with the Cousins and the grandparents – glow sticks as nun chucks wielded by grandpa? Check!  Crepe art, Peppy’s Pizza and arcade, delivering Valentines, reading his own treasure hunt clues and Charlie Brown with Susan and Fr. were the highlights of his actual day.

So, aside from the kids party, we’re off to a good start.  2011 – 2 parties down, 10 to go.

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