Back By Popular Demand

This pregnancy has flown by. Or rather, life has flown by and we have been carried along with it. And while technically we have four weeks left until our "due date," there were a few hours this last weekend when we thought this baby was on its way so now we are in...

The “A” Word

Well, it's Lent.  As such, we've banished the "A" word from our vocabulary.  And thankfully, mercifully, blessedly no one's been hollering, "Mom!  She said the "A" word!" while out and about so far. That's because they're occupied with the OTHER "A" word. I blame...

Extra! Extra!

Sunday, the last day of the Christmas season, brought with it a lovely Christmas treat.  Jac, Max, Tess and I joined some dear friends to watch Little Women. Two things: First, I cried even before it began (darn those trailers!) and then all the way through.  Other...

Maxed Out

God bless Max. He keeps quietly proclaiming, "Blog post!" and making notes in my phone of the funny or traumatic or traumatically funny happenings around here. It's a hint to write, to not forget, to make available for the future. However, However. . . *insert excuses...

In the Dark

To Gus, 6 days short of 8 months: In the dark, we walk. Twinkle lights bright through the window And your eyes soak up the glow. The creaking floors, my tired arms, They don't affect you. Awake, so awake, so I'm awake. In the dark, there is no rush. I cannot hurry...

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Twelfth Night

Getting in the car tonight one of the girls asked a simple question. “Is Epiphany always on a Sunday?” I then had the task of the not-so-simple answer. “Nope! I mean, yes, yes it is here in the US. Here it’s always the 2nd Sunday after Christmas so technically yes....

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Good for Each Other

Written during the 4 week of Advent, before Christmas and the puking AND me figuring out some technical difficulties. But it's too good of a memory not to keep so Throwback Thursday it is! We've long held and believed that the greatest gift we can give our children is...

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Auspicious Beginnings

It's a good thing we don't take stock in omens and such because if we did, it doesn't look good for 2019. Five of us rang in the New Year by tossing our cookies without the added fun of the alcohol beforehand. Children that belong to me, that last line? SARCASM. ...

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2018 is the year Jac found his shoe size. If you are shocked and appalled, join the club.  No one's surprise could have been greater than Jac's. He bought me some Birkenstock's for my birthday (because he's great like that) and proceded to measure his own foot on the...

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Half-way through Advent and this was the state of things. It may be that 2018 goes down in the books as the year mom failed at the Advent calendar. It’s really too bad as I purchased the candy necessary and even made up the calendar with activities ahead of time.  The...

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