What is it people say? You shouldn’t make decisions in anger? Maybe I’m making that up. . . At any rate, it’s what I’m about to do and no one can stop me. I have decided:

– that a dog with the puking sickness is ten times worse than a kid with the same problem. TEN TIMES. You can quote me on that AFTER you knock on wood so that all four kids don’t get the puking sickness at once.

– dog hair is straight up from the Devil.

– I may have an issue with the dog. No, scratch that, I have MAJOR issues with the dog.

– waiting for a certain young miss to do her business in the bathroom is eating up 1/3 of my time.

– Cub Scouts is taking up another 1/3 of my time. This makes me cranky. I want that time back.

– I may not be COMPLETELY crazy. I came to this conclusion after I found the girl’s socks I KNEW I had folded and then they disappeared. Now, I say “may” because I can’t recall if I put them in the dirty clothes or if someone else did.

– watching Pride and Prejudice with Jac at the end of the day and then discussing it in the morning is quite possibly the best part of my day these days.

– I am not ready for this baby. Not yet.

– this baby is part ninja. Part ninja or major league pitcher.

– there is nothing like the sight of a clean bathtub. Especially when you weren’t the one who cleaned it.

– the Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine candle we purchased the other night is the best smelling candle EVER.

– that waking up BEFORE the giggling and shrieking starts as opposed to being awakened BY it is much more pleasant.

– I probably need a nap. Or five.