O God beyond all praising,
we worship you today
and sing the love amazing
that songs cannot repay;
for we can only wonder
at every gift you send,
at blessings without number
and mercies without end:
we lift our hearts before you
and wait upon your word,
we honor and adore you,
our great and mighty Lord.

Then hear, O gracious Savior,
accept the love we bring,
that we who know your favor
may serve you as our king;
and whether our tomorrows
be filled with good or ill,
we’II triumph through our sorrows
and rise to bless you still:
to marvel at your beauty
and glory in your ways,
and make a joyful duty
our sacrifice of praise.

O God, Beyond All Praising, Michael Perry

The ordination of Fr. Sparks was beautiful and I DID cry as expected.  The blessing he gave our family was lovely and as we drove home Philip wanted to know where Fr. learned such a good prayer.  The conversation then turned to what Father’s mom would call him now he was ordained. “If you are called to the priesthood, what would you want me to call YOU?”  They were quiet and thoughtful and each had their own opinion and reasoning that made me cry again.  Thank you, God who IS beyond all praising, for the faithful witness of this new, young priest in our lives and those of our children. Bless Fr. Sparks and our sons and may we all always and in all things offer a sacrifice of praise.