. . . that you get to vote today?

I sure am.

The kids are a little sad that they can’t vote.  While exercising my civic duty, they stood about looking over my shoulders.

“I’m good at coloring in the lines.  Can I color in the circle?” Tess asked.  She was sorely disapointed when I told her no.  Then it was non-stop asking about WHEN could she do it ALLBYHERSELF and how many years was that?  What about Philip? Did I hope that I would win? What happens if you vote more than once? Did Dad vote the same as me? Why not?  How come? Huh? Huh? WHY?

I was so very thankful to load everyone in the car.

And I will be equally thankful when we can put them into bed and watch the election results come in with Fr. Tyler and Susan.

It turns out I AM anxious to see if I win and by “I” I mean my candidates and measures.

We’ll see how it goes.

In other election news, it has been nagging at me that it seems that orange is the new Red, White and Blue.  Remember back in the day when all campaign signs were our patriotic colors?  The good old days?  Maybe I missed the memo that said orange was where it is at and no one else is perturbed . . . and it’s not the candidates that is coloring (wink) my view on this.  My favorites are using orange in abundance.  AND their opponents.

My vote is that it’s ridiculous.

Our orange. Turkey feathers provided by Fr. Tyler. They weird Monday out as much as orange signs do to me.