my true love gave to me . . .

$6 of fun

Really, what can you do for six dollars these days that will keep 4 adults and 4 children all happy for hours on end.

Nothing.  NOTHING, I say!

Well, I would have said that BEFORE visiting the Lodi World of Wonder Museum.  It was like the exploratorium except so much lighter and less crowded and just the right size for our crew.  We were wowed and inspired by all of the cool science we could touch and experience.  Top of the list for Jac and I had to be the Ferrofluid. Soooooo cool.  And number one attraction for the kids?  Tess loooooved the hovering beach ball. Philip spent a good deal of time at the super microscope and Max really dug the giant turntable.  Meanwhile Ellie thought everything was the best and needed to try it all out herself.

Best $6 dollars spent in a long time. Thanks Mama Syd and Aunt Cristie!

*If you come to Lodi for the W.O.W., kids and seniors get in for $4.  Just so you know.

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