A word about “Octavius”.

Yes, for the last 3 kiddos, we have called them by their latin number name.  The birthing center heard me hollering, “Sixtus, come OUT!!!” while delivering Lu and we had a special place in our hearts for Septimus Prime. But all of that came later.

This time, Jac announced the baby to the kiddos in the middle of night prayer. “Watch over mom and the baby.” All of the air was sucked from the room and there was 2.73 seconds of perfect, awe-struck silence.  I opened my eyes to see their eyes dancing, incredulous, wide.  “WHAT?!” “Are you serious? Is this real?” The boys high fived and congratulated each other that they had “Called it.” There was general upheaval and bouncing and questions until Jac confirmed that we were having a baby.  Probably.

“There is a baby in there.  But we are praying for it and for mom because we aren’t sure it’s okay.”

Faces fell and the silence – this time heavy and fearful – returned.

We explained what an ectopic pregnancy was and discussed it’s risks to both baby and mother.  Tears fell while more questions were asked.  We discussed kidney stones and uttered the frightening possibility of cancer.

“But I don’t want anything to happen to our baby!” was sobbed out numerous times.  We cried with them and assured them we didn’t either. This excitement and joy we had all just felt? We had enjoyed that with each of them and even more when we looked at them the first time.  We wanted that with this baby, too.

“We need to pray for Octavius.” Philip announced and it was decided.  This tiny babe, loved and owned already, was given a name.  Quickly Philip followed with, “St. Octavius, pray for us! There has to be a saint Octavius after all.”

The others joined in, “St. Gianna Mola, pray for us!” “St. Gerard, pray for us!” “Isn’t St. Margaret of Antioch a patron of pregnancy?”

If I had attempted to stop crying before, I completely gave up then.  This wild and wooly crew just about made my heart burst with their love for each other and their for the saints.  It seemed in that moment that we had done something right somewhere.

It was with great relief that we all received the news that Octavius was okay and exactly where a baby should be.  They seemed glad that all the other options were ruled out, too.  “Who would make our costumes if you died?” they asked.  It’s nice to know I’d be missed.