My dear, dear Phil,

February 14th, 2013 you turned 8.  And let me tell you, 8 is GREAT!  Here’s why:

1. For a few months, you are just a year younger than your brother.  AWESOME.

2. You’re receiving the Eucharist and Reconciliation like a pro. Your prayer life reflects this.

3. An added level of seriousness and understanding has appeared.  Conversely, your sense of humor and comic acumen is blossoming.  We love it!

4. You  have a firm grip on reality but still retain a flourishing and lively imagination.  So very cool to hear about your theories of time travel and have you buzz through the kitchen, stopping to tell me you are on your way to Egypt but ‘Only just pretend.’

5. You’re blankey is still your constant companion.  Ain’t no shame, ain’t no shame.

6. Finishing up Wolf and soon to be a Bear Cub Scout.

7. You are making huge strides in school.  Still our resident speller, your reading is voracious, your math skills quick and you have realized that you LOOOOOVE to color.  It won’t be long now until you will love to write.  Right?  Right?!?! Take your time.

8. Speaking of time. . . you’re getting quicker and at the same time more patient.  This brings joy to my heart.

9. You discovered you’re good at folding clothes and that you LIKE to do it.

10. Everyday you are a better and bigger brother to your sisters.

11. Your vocabulary and turn of phrase is charming.  “Sure!  It would be my pleasure!”  “This may take DAYS to uncover.”  “Okay Mom.  You may continue.”  *sigh*  That’s some good stuff.

We are anxious to watch your year unfold just over 300 hundred days till you’re 9!