Have I mentioned it before how we’re big on obedience around here?

I’m sure I have . ..

Well, at any rate, it’s one of our things.  Not in a harsh, dictator sort of way, but we want to train our children up to hear and obey with the prayer that when they hear the Lord’s call, they will do what he asks.  And honestly, it’s one of the hardest things we do.  As parents, with our kids nearly 24/7, it is easy to forget that you have repeated the same request 17 times.  My voice gets loss in the chaos and I find myself not hearing what I am I saying.  We try to be on top of the ask once, get or make a move thing, but it is difficult.

I forget.  I lose patience.  I want to pull my hair out. That’s just in the first 5 minutes of every morning, mind you.

This last week has been particularly brutal.  It is clear that my message is not getting across to the kids AT ALL and as a result, nothing happens.  This is not okay.

So I broke our rule.  After several mornings of asking for things to happen and getting no reaction, I obediently followed my gut and let them out to do this:

It was so much better to listen to their laughter than my yelling.  Plus, with them happy and busy and non-destructive I was able to accomplish lists and lists of tasks.

But you know the best part?  After two days they cleaned out their ears and gladly chipped in the first time I asked. Obedience has it’s rewards.