– Be sure the door to our room is closed when the dog with muddy paws comes tearing into the house because, it turns out, she WILL jump on our bed.  Specifically my pillow.

– While washing the sheets (see above), see if I can find the  mattress pad.  Seriously, how can it just disappear?

– Remember to give Tess some choices of independent activities.  And while I’m at it, put out of reach all things she might decide to do “all by herself.” Nail polish, lipstick and Exacto knives come to mind. . .

– Speaking of sharp things, when the littlest thinks my razor is a sucker in the shower and shaves off some taste buds, it WILL bother me but WON’T bother her.  Good to know.  Also, put up razors OR give up smooth legs . . . it’s for safety!

– Don’t feel bad/guilty/like a failure for not training for the half-marathon.  I am sick.  I feel like there is a lava lamp in my sinuses.  Running would make me cough more.  Right?  Right?!?!

– See above again. And one more time . . .

– If you take NyQuil at 1 am, you won’t wake up until 10:30 am.  You may be out of bed but you won’t be with it.

– Always ask clarifying questions.  When Tess came in and asked if we could have some Girl Scout cookies, I assumed it was the annoying little girl down the street and not the nice lady next door trying to give us some boxes.

– Work on judging people.  Maybe the little girl isn’t annoying after all.

– We need ketchup. Ketchup and butter.  Ketchup, butter and oil so that I can start in on my Me and Ree resolution.

– It looks like spring?  But it’s not.  Keep that in mind.

– I think we have crossed into Unschooling territory and that is okay.

– Kiss my husband for doing the laundry yesterday without being asked.

*I know that some of these memos make the house sound like a danger-fest.  It’s not – the girls just have magnetic personalities.  Magnets for DANGER that is. Add to the list – Buy hair color.