Today was the first day of school for St. Thomas More and St. Elizabeth Seton.  We’ve spent the last couple of days hanging out with the cousins and running around helping them prepare for their big day.

It was not a big day for us.

It was not the first day of school seeing as we really didn’t take a vacation, per se.

However, at 11 am, when no one was dressed and I decided to forgo baths for the fourth day in a row because three out of four children were yelling at each other, I was wistful for those moms who sat in the parking lot this morning.  Then, as the hysterics reached fever pitched I decided that I could’ve done this circus at 7 am and that thought was even more nightmarish than the real nightmare in front of me.

So while some day we might join the first day-ers too (we never say never!), I said no today.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!