Tess turned 9 today.  I fully intend to put up the pictures and write about her day – this day she’s been counting down to for so. very. long.  But tonight . . .

Well, tonight, I’m left exhausted and emotional. Yes, pulling off an Extravaganza is tiring but watching your children grow up?  That’s real work.

As we were coming to the end of the movie tonight and things were reaching their poignant climax, I felt Gemma stiffen next to me.  “Are you crying?” I asked because I sure was.

“No . . . ” she said, wiping furiously at her face. “No, it just feels like the wetness is going to come out of my eyes.”

Yep, the pretty much sums it up.  So, to keep that at bay, I’ll save the reflecting for another night and focus on not crying.