As I was reading through this blog , I was inspired.  She had some beautiful reflections on motherhood and Mothers Who Know.  It got me thinking – Why should I be ashamed to want to have it all together? No, really.  Why?  When I show up at Mass and the entirre familoy matches and looks fabulous and acts okay to boot, why do I feel the need to excuse it or make light of it?  Why are my great parties and home made gifts considered “over-the-top”  or met with eye rolls?  Why should I succomb to the stereo type of a frazzled mom with never enough time and surely no time for myself?

It’s crap, that’s why.  I am a woman.  I am a mother and that means STAYING AT HOME.  THIS is my domain.  THIS is my place.  By the looks of my kitchen sink/bedroom/laundry you would not guess that I am rocking my profession, but I am.  Changing anything takes time, but Jac and I are finally putting in proper order what is most important to us and to our family. For generations of women in my family tree that has been things made with love, wonderful food and much laughter.  By God, I will have it, too.  And if I want to braid my little girl’s hair, wear high heels, and greet my husband with a kiss in the process, I can do that, too.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not talking about the “appearance” of things.  I don’t want to “look” like I have it all together.  I want to HAVE it all together.  And that doesn’t mean perfection or pretending.  It means honesty about my vocation, about my struggles AND my joys.  Sometimes I spank my children.  Some mornings I don’t want to get out of bed because I simply can’t do it again. But I like making pie!!!!  I can’t sleep without Jac!!!  Being in labor (as in birth) is the greatest high ever!!!  These facts should be met with standing ovations by my fellow women because that’s the beauty of us. And if we don’t accept them, who will?

Starting now, I will be unashamed of the desires God has given me to be the best and most awesome wife and mother ever.  Don’t laugh.  Especially when I’m ready to tear my hair out with my husband and kids.  Most especially then.

*Visit the above blog.  Such and beautiful and sad story.  Pray for the family*