We’ve had a week full of crazy.

Busy, family, hurting and loss crazy.

We’re all swimming hard through it, reaching for the peace that the Lord is while he stands on the waves.  We’re stretching . . .

The kids are resilient and generous and really very patient. Today’s blessing was coloring pictures intently while I read to them.  The normalcy of routine and the peace of knowing exactly what to do poured down over us and we just soaked it in.  Normally I like the novel but today, well, today it was nice to simply be NORMAL.


I’m not usually a joiner.  Social anxiety, weirdness, whatever label you want to give it, I just give group things a pass.  However, I’ve made an exception.  I love this blog (So funny!  So beautiful! So true!) so I’m linking up with Shannan’s Money Shot Monday party.  Check it out – you won’t regret it!