We had a spur-of-the-moment road trip this weekend.  After the stress of homeschool coop and the rush of getting packed, I was wound up.  I think I talked for 4 of the six hours we were on the road.  And while Jac is a fabulous conversationalist, he likes his silence.

Perhaps because of that, with 45 minutes to go to our destination, he played some music on his new itouch.  And not just any music, but my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies – Moulin Rouge.  Does it not take a real man to have Moulin Rouge on his fancy itouch simply for his wife?  I felt very loved.

It also made me think about our honeymoon.  It was where I wanted to go to do things I wanted to do.  I wanted to share them with him, of course, but he didn’t get a lot of say about it all.  Anyway, in the rush of getting ready for the wedding and leaving town, we didn’t plan for the “trip” part very well.  We took only a tour book of Montana and a CD or two.  so for the majority of the trip we lisstened to a mix CD he had made and given me for Valentine’s day of that year.  It had all of my favorite worship songs, songs we were planning on using during our wedding Mass and my favorites from Moulin Rouge.  He sang them to me through the prairies and mountains of big Sky country.

And Friday night, we sang them together. Those days following the wedding I didn’t know if it was possible to feel any more in love with Jac than I did then.  Six years, and almost 4 kiddos later, it is. 

Seasons may change, winter to spring, But I love you, until my dying day. Come what may, I will love you