The birds came back today.  Sure, we’ve had our share of little black and gray ones (they are soo cute.  Wish I knew their real names . . .) – the ones who eat the seeds we’ve tossed out.  We’ve even had a blue jay come around a few times.  But today, well today the robins arrived.  They spent all day swooping and darting under the deck roof and through the trees.  Droves of them with their flashy red shirts, looking cool and like they owned the place.

And the SINGING!!!  It made me believe in the possibility of spring to hear their happy voices even while inside the house.  Never mind the fact that snow is due to arrive tonight and keep at it through Sunday.

There is hope.

I think because I am currently building my nest, I feel a sort of kinship with the birds.  I am smitten with all things bird-y and bird-like.  Just can’t get enough.

I also can’t get enough of the preparations.  Before my body starting giving out, I had cleaned 4 closets, 2 cupboards and the guest room.  Jac looked on with concern as I frantically cleaned out a china cupboard.  “Are you going to have this baby tonight?” he wanted to know.  Then, the bed rest, the “decreased activity” (whatever thatmeans) and my uncooperative body brought it all to a halt.  Before Mom arrived, I had been climbing the walls.  Things were deteriorating – it doesn’t take long with the tornadoes that are MY children – and nothing for the baby had been prepared.

Then Mom came and helped set it all aright.  Clothes were found, beds set up, my mind put to ease. 

Well, as at ease as it can be at this point, if you know what I’m sayin’.

I still have yet to pack my bags, though I do have a new toothbrush and hair stuff in a toiletry bag.  I have no I idea where the hospital registration form went but Jac’s mom is on call for the big day. The car-seat is not in the van, however, we know where it is.  And while I have a to-do list that is still a mile long and laundry coming out of my ears, I know I’ll be taken care of.

The nest is slowly being feathered.  I hope the newest hatchling likes it.