The time change has been pretty brutal on the babes.  Philip especially.  He fasted from a nap yesterday and slept in as if in a hang over this morning.  Tess, on the other hand, napped like a trooper yesterday only to wake up at 5:00 am.  When I asked her what was wrong she replied “Food!”  She then had a very early breakfast and dad took her downstairs to wrestle her back to sleep. 

So when nap time rolled around, we were ALL very tired.

Being a dictator, I ordered sleep for everyone, including mom.  Usually the boys sleep seperately, but the last two days have been wanting ot be together in the guest room.  So I laid down with them to “encourage” them to  sleep.  Philip was extremely chatty.  I suggested he shut his eyes.

 ”When I shut my eyes I can see the lake.  Or Mama Syd and Papa Chris.”

Squinting his eyes fiercely, “I can’t see dem!”

“Just close your eyes and go to sleep, buddy.”

“But I can’t see ‘sings’ with my eyes closed.  My eyes are dark.”

Max and I started to giggle. 

Eyes shut tight again.  “My head is dark!!!”

Prologue:  ALL occupants of the house DID have naps.  And it is now 11:10 and Philip is still awake and chatting.  Darn that daylight savings time! 


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