Hello.  My name is Tess.  My family calls me Bru-Tess, Tess-the-Mess, Tess the Tank.  Let me explain.

I like to destroy stuff.  Especially things that don’t belong to me.  It’s one of my gifts.  Just yesterday, while unattended (mom’s a slacker and doesn’t feel well.  Not a good combo.) I broke a stapler (with my bare hands), unrolled 3 new guitar strings, pulled all the stiches out of moms knitting project and unraveled some yarn, scattered Max’s legos to Kingdom Come and tore 3 pages out of our favorite, giant book, Skippyjohn Jones.

*Sigh*  It’s hard work being me.

Really, I like things that are not mine.  Sometimes I go for Mama’s makeup – I llike that.  Another favorite is the art bin with paints under the boy’s bed.  Mama’s purse is cool, too.  I love books so much I can’t help but rip the pages or tear off the little peek-a-boo flaps.  My brother’s artwork is good for that purpose as well.  The most exciting moments are when I can unravel an entire roll of toilet paper or color my jammies and bed and Philip and his bed with a dry-erase marker (they don’t come out of clothes!!!  Awesome.). 

My role models are Attila the hun and Hagar the Horrible (I know Hagar is imaginary, but I dig his unkept hair.  I rock that look, too.).  Hopefully mom will keep you updated on my latest conquests.

*** Mothers note: The above statement is true and factual. Several items were harmed in the making of this post.