The kids are music nuts.  How could they not be?, you ask.  I know, I know.  I’m just in total awe of it at times.  Today was one of those moments.

My favorite music to groove to was introduced to me by Leslie – it was love at first listen.  Pink Martini is brilliant and eclectic.  Every other song is in a different language, has a funky instrument or has a new vocalist.  I am a fan of their divey jazz bar sound.  I often have their tunes on while cooking and I knew the kids were listening.  But tonight . . . 

Tonight Philip was singing this:

Ma chambre a la forme d’une cage, Le soleil passe son bras par la fenetre, Les chasseurs a ma porte,   comme les petits soldats, qui veulent me prendre . . . 

I’m not joking around here.  He was on pitch, on beat, word for word singing along.  And just in case you are not one of the Hofer kids or Fr. C., this is what he was singing:

My room is a cage,  The sun streams through the window, The bellhops are at my door, like those little soldiers , who want to take me away . . . 


Meanwhile, Max snuck out of his room during nap time and found his slate and some chalk.  


This was his resulting creation.  It’s a church with people in profile and music notes.  Where did he learn how to do that??

Lastly, what with STM performing the Sound of Music soon and our own recent viewing of the fab movie, we have begun to read “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” at bedtime.  Tess has been requesting me to read to her and not just any picture book will do.  No, no.  She wants and asks for “Chacter 9 Family Singers.”  Which, you must admit does sound like “Trapp Family Singers.”  This evening they were even playing “Captain von Trapp’s singing family.”  Is matching liederhosen in the future?