It chafes me to post this today and so late in the day, but what can you do?  Our Memorial Day weekend was so full of fun that I couldn’t let it pass.

So here we are.

About the weekend, though . . .

– Jac came home from Boyd’s with marshmallow’s as big as Ellie’s head.  Okay, so not quite that big but they are rather large.  And soooooo tasty.  We toasted some up during our first Weber use of the season.  Mm-mmm sticky!

– Susan and the girl’s and I attended a baby shower for our lovely friend and her darling new little girl.  It was so good to see Erin, but let me tell you this: nothing makes me feel aged quite like our youth growing up.  I taught Erin during confirmation and enjoyed her presence on our first CORE team.  Now she’s a mom!!  Wow . . .

– We attended a  mini-college-reunion at the best park in the hills and soaked up every minute with the Brown’s and Bailey, Chrisa and Resa and Julie.  Holly was even there!  Gooood times.

– Sunday was a GLORIOUS day to celebrate Trinity Sunday.  We lived it up by taking a looooong bike ride to Grandma and Grandpas and then getting the first sun burn of the year.

– Later that evening the Bucholz dropped by for a visit.  Who doesn’t like seeing their bffs?  Not me!  We laughed and talked, put kids to bed and then chatted some more.  Man, I wish they lived closer!

– Monday brought Texas bbq, mixed drinks and LOTS of laughter at the in-laws.  Jac got stung by a bee and survived, though he thought he was dying.  We ended up with a lack of pics for the day, but I can assure you, fun was had by all.

– Lastly, we went to sleep grateful for the sacrifice of so many men and women.  Because of them, we rest easy and free.  God rest their souls.