We’re running behind around here.

What’s new?

I am always slightly annoyed with our tardiness, but as of late, it’s making me crazy.  Every time I have to apologize for our late-ness, I vow that I will begin to plan ahead and leave early. Then I’m late to my next appointment.


So, par for the course, here are images from the Fourth of July.  It was a day that dawned cool and wet.  We were late (of course) to Belle for Mass, but in the end, it didn’t matter.  The whole town was locked up in the throes of the Range Day Parade and we couldn’t have made it to the church through oh! how we tried! In the end, we found out that Mass had been canceled due to the festivities and we headed back to Spearfish to wait out the rain and wait for THAT parade.

It was worth the wait.

The sun came out and all was well.  The kids shook hands with all sorts of folks, collected stickers from our favorite politicians and gathered enough candy to last them until Labor Day – the next parade.

Up at the lake we celebrated with good food and a shooting competition.  It turns out grandpa CAN shoot a gun backwards and so can Jac and Papa Chris.  The testosterone was flowing I tell you.  Our forefathers would have been so proud!

The day was capped off by the viewing of fireworks over the open cut – we weren’t too late for that!